São Paulo, Brazil

About São Paulo

São Paulo undertakes several practical initiatives aimed at circular development, in addition to assuming several international commitments on the subject. In 2019, the city implemented the Municipal Program to Combat Food Waste and Loss, and its elements include the promotion of Food and Nutritional, Socio-economic and Environmental Security within the city’s composting program. In 2021, the city launched its Climate Action Plan, which is a strategic document that guides and aligns its actions with the commitments of the Paris Agreement. São Paulo is also a signatory of the Commitment to the New Plastics Economy and was announced as an Emblematic City of the Food Initiative by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. In 2016, the city won the Mayor’s Challenge award, for the implementation of the Ligue os Pontos Project, which aims to promote the sustainable development of the city’s rural territory and improve its relations with the urban environment from the points involved in the agriculture chain.