ICLEI Circulars Regional Hubs

Driving the transition to circular economy, the world over

Meet our regional hubs

ICLEI Circulars facilitates the circular economy transition at the local level in communities all around the world. From raising awareness and political momentum on the urgency of shifting away from unsustainable consumption and production patterns to designing policy approaches that address concrete challenges, ICLEI Circulars supports the ICLEI network throughout the transition to a circular economy.

Africa Hub

The Africa hub has been building strong relationships with academic, private sector and city actors who are interested in the circular economy and what it could mean for African cities. Cities who have been involved in urban resource management and circular economy workshops and projects include Accra, Cape Town, Nairobi, Entebbe, Rabat, Kampala, Lilongwe, Blantyre, Makinde, Johannesburg and Cairo. ICLEI Africa is working closely with African Circular Economy Network, whose business and private sector orientation complements the ICLEI’s local government perspectives.

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China Hub

ICLEI’s work in China is highly connected to the thematic offerings of the Green Circular Cities Coalition, which are designed based on the urgent and emerging needs of cities. Currently, we engage with cities mainly on the topics industrial symbiosis, public procurement, municipal resource management and food systems.

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Throughout the United States, cities design out waste, shorten supply chains, and increase sharing and reuse, but only recently are these activities connected through the concept of circular economy. The USA Hub builds momentum in cities and regions through circular development frameworks, analysis, and convening peers and stakeholders.

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South America Hub

The South America Hub is a space designed to strengthen the commitment and immediate action of local governments together with civil society, academia and the private sector for the transition from traditional linear systems towards circular and sustainable, low-emission systems, as well as implementing Nature-Based Solutions (NbS).
For this purpose, ICLEI South America, together with its partners, seeks to promote actions at technical and political levels to strengthen subnetworks such as CITYFOOD and Urban Food Systems Coalition, promote cooperation and training projects, and develop tools and action plans to improve the quality of life and governance in the medium and long term in cities.

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