A Catalogue of Circular Economy Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Circularity is...

A Catalogue of Circular Economy Ideas for Entrepreneurs

A significant proportion of the materials sourced from our planet are wasted. It is clear that the world can no longer afford the negative impacts resulting from the linear economy. We, therefore, need to transition into a circular economy that designs out waste, keeps goods and products in use for longer, and regenerates our natural environment.

Circular economy is a growing area of interest for achieving sustainability across multiple sectors. However, for many, understanding what circularity entails seems nebulous and contentious. To improve multistakeholder understanding of, and engagement with, circular economy ideas, we have produced this document, to share some examples of what the circularity principles of Regenerate, Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recover actually mean in practice.

This catalogue demystifies circularity, unpacking five principles and associated strategies. With a focus on business approaches, the catalogue offers inspiration for entrepreneurs and businesses interested in supporting a circular transition. It is also not intended to be exhaustive, and many further ideas can and should be shared using #CircularityIs. It is a strong accompaniment to another catalogue which focuses strategies that can be employed by local government.

Learn more about the Accelerating Circular Economy in Africa (ACE Africa) project.

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