A Catalogue of Circular Economy Ideas for Local Governments

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A Catalogue of Circular Economy Ideas for Local Governments

The need for African cities to make their resource systems more ‘circular’ is increasingly evident and more urgent than ever. Cities are the hotspots of resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, but are at the same time, innovation breeding grounds.

Local governments sit at the interface of communities and businesses, particularly SMEs and the informal sector. It is thus imperative that local governments assume the responsibility of supporting the creation of thriving environments for key stakeholders seeking to improve urban environments in a sustainable and regenerative manner. Furthermore, most local governments across the continent hold service delivery mandates, but face challenges when it comes to effectively achieving 100% access to vital services in light of urbanisation rates, increasing pressure on resources, and emerging global crises.

Through a circular economy lens, local government officials can adopt principles and actions that directly respond to the challenges faced. This catalogue seeks to offer guidance to African local government officials with a collection of circular economy actions. It is inspired by actions currently underway in different Leading Cities around the continent and across the globe, discussions with local government officials reflecting on challenges and potential circular economy solutions, emerging circular economy research, and ICLEI’s Circular City Actions Framework. The catalogue aims to inspire local government actors to take action and lead the circular transitions in their various roles and localities.

This document is an attempt to [simply] demonstrate the practical possibilities offered by the concept of circular economy.

Learn more about the Accelerating Circular Economy in Africa (ACE Africa) project.

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