Circularity is... Catalogue

Circularity is... Catalogue

A [non-exhaustive] catalogue of business approaches that can support transitions to circular economy.

The circular economy is a system of resource management which ensures continuous use of materials, goods, energy and waste. It is an economic system of closed loops in which raw materials, components and products retain as much value throughout their lifecycle. This economic system requires investment in renewable energy and resources, new design thinking and early-stage mitigation. In a circular economy where growth exists, regeneration is also vital.

In many urban African contexts, the adoption of circular solutions has focused largely on recycling, but achieving a circular economy can be done through various interventions and strategies. ICLEI, with Circle Economy and Metabolic, have developed a Circular City Actions Framework which suggests a range of strategies and actions to support circular development at the local level. The key strategies include recover, rethink, regenerate, reduce and reuse. These strategies have been used to frame an ACE Africa catalogue of business actions to inspire and guide entrepreneurs, as part of the ’Circularity is …’ Campaign.

The Circularity is … Campaign is a catalogue of intervention ideas which start-up businesses can adopt as business strategies, or incorporate into their existing business models. This campaign aims to show that the circular economy is wider than waste management and recycling, and has many strategies and actions that aim to support circular solutions to resource management.

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