Circularity at RISE Africa - 23-25 May 2022

Join the circular development sessions at RISE Africa 2022

  • 23 May 2022

    Hosted by: Footprints Africa and ICLEI Africa

    Does Evidence Justify Circular Economy as the path for development for Africa?

    With only 8 years to cut emissions by 50% to reach the 1.5* target,
    decision-makers in cities and businesses need to take decisive steps and
    fast. Data is critical for effective decision-making and needed to measure
    the impact of materials and processes throughout their lifetimes. In this
    session, Footprints Africa and ICLEI Africa invite entrepreneurs and
    municipal practitioners to explore 2 tools:
    • Ganbatte, an online platform which allows for initial screening of
    a local government’s metabolism and better understanding of its
    • A Measurement Framework for Circular Economy, which can be
    adopted by entrepreneurs to measure how circular a business is.


  • 23 May 2022

    Hosted by: ICLEI Africa and Stellenbosch Launch Lab

    Where business & circularity intersect: meet the ACE Africa entrepreneurs that are pushing the boundaries of sustainability in African cities

    In a world where the negative and limiting impacts resulting from the
    linear economy are increasingly magnified, the circular economy is
    gaining traction as a model to promote sustainability-oriented innovation
    and to accelerate resource sustainability. Accelerating Circular Economy
    Innovation in Africa (ACE Africa) is an initiative that aims to unlock the
    potential of the circular economy by supporting and upskilling start-up
    companies and small businesses that show promising circular economy
    contributions in African cities. It also aims to facilitate the creation of
    enabling environments for the uptake of circular economy innovation
    in cities. The circular economy offers a great deal of possibilities and
    opportunities for businesses, and it is noteworthy that businesses are
    already leading the way in the circularity transition. In this session, we
    will showcase ACE Africa businesses implementing circular economy
    solutions in African cities. Our entrepreneurs will share their uniquely
    circular business approaches, highlighting their different journeys
    towards a circular economy. Join us to get inspired about their Creativity,
    Agency and Urgency towards more sustainable African cities.


  • 24 May 2022

    Hosted by: Ellen MacArthur Foundation

    Scenarios for Africa’s Circular Economy Future: A view from students and young professionals

    There are many paths a circular economy might take; which one might the continent seize? In a Cape Town workshop in March 2022, a collection of young African professionals and students contemplated various futures for how the circular economy might play out in Africa. Having spent a week reading, watching, debating and refining, they are ready to share their experiences with us now. Join us in this session to discover what they have to say.


  • 25 May 2022

    Hosted by: Circular Economy Innovation Partnership

    Eko Vibes Podcast - Learn about Lagos’ circularity transition!

    Hello! Welcome! Ekabo! This is Eko Circular Vibe Podcast! You will learn
    everything you need to know about the Circular Lagos Project and what
    the initiators seek to achieve through this project. What opportunities
    exist for Lagosians in the circular economy and how does circularity
    aid the achievement of the sustainable development goals in Lagos.